An engagement party provides a good opportunity for friends and family of the newly engaged couples to celebrate their union. The party is a means of bringing two families together so that they can know each other. Whether the party is casual or formal there are expectations when it comes to using the party etiquette. Traditionally christening dresses Melbourne were hosted by parents of the bride. This tradition is not required any more, but the parents of the bride should be given a good opportunity to hold the party.
Sometimes the groom hosts the party so that he can propose to the woman he loves in front of friends and family. If the parents of the groom are going to be hosting the party a close friend of the couple is free to host the party. Family members who are far away might call for an engagement party that is hosted by friends. Couples can have more than one party because there is no rule which says that they should not. If the both the bride and groom have so many guests to invite, it is imperative for them to hold one party for friends and the other one for the family.

Couples should avoid scheduling the party first month of engagement. Couples should be given time to celebrate together. A good time for the party is between two to three months after the proposal. These parties are good for long engagements. Throwing a party for couples whose wedding is a few months away is overwhelming. If the couples are planning to have a long engagement the party needs to be held one year before the wedding. All people who are invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding. The guest list for the party is an intimate group of wedding guests like couples close friends and family members. It is also the best way of including friends and family members who might not be able to come to the wedding. The first people on the guest list should be members of the groom and bride. Those who want to travel should not come to the party because they are going to attend the wedding. If the couples are planning a big party, then they should consider hiring a reputable baby girl christening gowns.

Traditionally gifts were not part of the engagement parties, but most guests will bring gifts to celebrate the couple’s union. Because of this fact the host needs to suggest that the couple should prepare bridal registry. But this information should not be kept on the invitation. The host needs to provide it to guests who will ask the couples registration details. The host needs to make sure that the couple will wait to open the gifts after the party in order to keep away, guests who do not have gifts not to feel awkward. Before the party the host needs to sit down with the bride and then ask for engagement party ideas. The host needs to find out the theme that they prefer who they should invite and the type of food that they should enjoy eating. From here the host needs to take responsibility for planning so that the couple will not have anything to be worried about. When planning baby showers the host needs to consider the style of both families because the main purpose of the party is bringing the bride and groom together.