There are a lot of metals in the world. Metal is a hard, shiny and has good thermal and electrical conductivity. Most of the elements of the periodic table are metal. Metal is used for various things. From electronic items to appliances and construction, metal is the most popular element. Different metals have different properties so some are more suitable than others for certain things. For example, some are strong to use in construction while some are light weight to use on appliances. Due to this there can be multiple metals used in a product. 

Metal has been used for many years. Metals such as iron and steel were used for swords and armor from the beginning. People saw the use in it and made advantage of it. Metal is extracted by mining and large quantities can be mined. Different metals have different temperature they melt at. Some require much higher temperatures then other metals. Similarly, there are some metals that are considered precious. This is because they are available in lesser quantities than other and are very rare. Therefore, they are expensive and generally, are sold in jewellery stores Adelaide. Here’s a list of the most precious metals in the world. 


Rhodium is the rarest and most precious metal in the world. It is silvery white and corrosion resistant. It is used in many automobiles due to its anti-corrosion properties. Similarly, Rhodium is mixed with other metals to give a shining and reflective look. It is used as a coating like on automobiles to reduce and eliminate corrosion. Being the rarest metal, Rhodium is also the most expensive with prices rising twice above Gold. The price of Rhodium fluctuates due to changes in the market.


Platinum is a rare metal known for its dense, malleable and non-corrosive properties. Further, Platinum is one of the least reactive metals. It is used in catalytic converters, lab equipment, dentistry equipment and also used as ornaments. Platinum is also a symbol of prestige with Platinum credit cards being the highest or second highest after Diamond.


Gold is known as a historic metal due to its extensive use since historic times. It is a shiny metal that is yellowish red in color and low reactivity. It is also the most demanded precious metal. Gold has been used as currency and is the most traded metal. It is mainly used at jewellery shops and for investment purposes. Each country has gold reserves that they used as a guarantee to pay back debtors and balance payments.These are the top 3 most precious metals in the world. They are used for various purposes and are values very high. Most of these metals are recycled to be used again as well.