As we grow older, lots of things change. The way we perceive ourselves and how we think others perceive us can differ as we grow older and experience different things in life. In the recent years, the increased usage of the social media has led to several mental health issues. One such concern related to this area, is the issues that an individual experiences with regard to their self-esteem. Here are a few tips to boost your self-esteem and teach you how to be confident in your own skin.

Stop the comparison immediately

Social media plays a major role when it comes to influencing an individual. You must keep in mind that people usually post only the positive side of their lives and often hide the unpleasant aspects of their life. So don’t witness their success or happiness and let it affect you. Avoid comparing yourself to others, because you are good enough, no matter what anyone else has to say about that, It doesn’t matter whether your guy friends have the sculpted body that girls would die for whereas you have to shop at the large mens clothing section. 

Motivate your self

Once in a while an individual needs to have a conversation with oneself, be it in front of a mirror or a minor pep talk before while working on a difficult task. It is important to encourage yourself and compliment yourself from time to time. The world is filled with negativity, so don’t let this get to you. Compliment yourself or be positive in the way you perceive yourself. A tiny sentence such as “you look amazing today” will make a world of a difference and help you get through the day in a much happier mood.

Use the negativity to work towards your goals

It is only human to get affected by negative remarks. For example: someone calls you fat or ugly. However, you can use these remarks to motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle. If you feel that you must make a change, then take small steps towards a better lifestyle and work towards it each day. Motivate yourself and take your friends remarks about your weight as a motivating factor and use it in a positive way to achieve your goals. If you don’t want to be wearing big man clothes, then work towards that body which you have always dreamed of. But, make sure you don’t let this affect your current mindset or perception about yourself. Regardless of how the world perceives you or what statements another individual makes about you. It all comes down to what you think of yourself. If you are happy with the way you are, there is no need to change yourself for anyone else.

Changing up your style or upgrading your wardrobe is something to consider if you feel that you are stuck in a style rut. Whether you are trying out a new look for the summer or getting tired of a regular look, try to consider colours and clothing options that are slightly out of your comfort zone. Reinventing your style can also include trying new makeup looks or getting a new haircut to match your upgraded wardrobe – so be open to trying new things.

Look At Your Style Icons

Who are your favourite celebrities? Do you follow any fashion bloggers? Get some ideas by checking out pictures on Instagram or by referring to fashion websites. But there is no need to outright copy someone else’s styles to look good. Use these resources to get some good ideas on how to pair clothing by CocoBEAM, accessories, and shoes and even find the right makeup looks too. It’s even better if you refer to style icons who have similar features to your own, to get a better ideas of what could work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

To update your look, you will definitely need to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things. Try to select items that will compliment your features or even interesting accessories to revamp your appearance. Use the opportunity of any events or parties to try out different looks or accessories as well. For example, try out styles of long formal dresses that you normally would not consider trying on –or even something that’s close to your own style with a unique pair of shoes.

Wear Clothes That Fit Right

Whether you are trying out new women’s jumpsuits or shirts, make sure you know what your sizes are. Most people still end up wearing items that are too large or small for them and end up feeling uncomfortable in their new clothes. Wearing clothes that don’t fit right can also end up highlighting features that you don’t like or create issues that were not there in the first place.

Use Colours To Express Your Personality

Updating a regular look is the best way to make your style more unique and discover how different colours or patterns will look on you. Go through your wardrobe and find out what are the most common colours you own. If you are happy with certain shades that look good on you, stick to a similar colour palette that appeals to you. Change things up by selecting shades that compliment your eye or hair colour too.

When it comes to your big day, not only you should be looking good but you want to make sure that your brides maids will also look as good. You want to create a pretty picture perfect wedding and should take every effort to make it possible. When it comes to your bridesmaids, there are some key things that you should look into. This way you will be able to make sure that they are looking just the way you want them to look and will also stand out on their own way and look their best. To make sure that the pictures also look good it is best to have them blend in well together.

Invest in their heights

If you are a tall bride and have maids of all sorts of heights, there is not a lot you can do. But it is possible for you to invest in some good quality evening shoes that have good height on them. This way not only will all the girls look taller and prettier for the pictures but will also feel confidant. Make sure that they are comfortable and also invest in something that they can still use after. Going for something that is not going to be used by the girls later will only be a waste of money.

Compliment your look

When it comes to their dresses, you want it to be something that will either match your bouquet or your dye wedding shoes. This is a more interesting approach to making them match you. Instead of them all wearing a colour that is tied up to an accent piece of your dress make it interesting by matching them to an accessory of yours. You will also be able to have fun photo sessions when you have such ideas. Looking back you are sure to have a good laugh and a good story to share.

Do not make every girl a photocopy of the other

Although this used to be a huge trend, it is now a better idea to allow each girl to look their best in what compliments them. Everyone has different body shapes and sizes. Trying to get them all to wear a fixed design will mean that you are going to either have to leave a close friend because they won’t look as pretty or feel as comfortable in such an outfit or you will make them feel uncomfortable and unhappy for the whole day. So look for designs that are similar yet unique to each girl. They should be comfortable and feel confident in what they wear.

Sandals are one of the most used things all around the world. Sandals have been around with us for several thousand years, and it is a thing without which we can’t even imagine what it would be to live like. Like any other things, there are some things which should be considered when buying a sandal. So, today we are here with 6 tips which would help you to buy the perfect sandal for you.

Wear the right sandal: there are various types of sandal for various purposes. There are hiking sandals for hiking, running sandals for walking and running, flip flops for comfort, tan sandals for luxury. Just wear the perfect sandal for your desired purpose. Get the right Fit: everyone should wear sandals with a right fit. It is necessary to ensure that the sandal fits the feet perfectly because otherwise, if the sandal is too tight, than it could damage the skin, the veins, the fingers, and also create pain. On the other hand, if it is too loose, than the handmade leather sandals would slide around along with causing blisters on the back of the heels, bottom of the foot and toes.

Get Good Quality Material: always try to go for good material. Because, cheap alternatives of handmade leather sandal are often harmful for the feet and the skin. Always go for sandals which are made from good material because they will provide comfort and they will definitely last longer.

Watch the design and straps: always carefully take a look at the straps and the designs. Always go for the one which has the straps in the normal and comfortable positions and in comfortable shape. Leather tan sandals could be worn with anything. No matter what happens, you should never compromise with the comfort of the handmade leather sandals.

Check for flexibility: flexibility is a major issue in all men’s sandals, flat sandals and girls sandals. A sandal needs to be flexible – but if the entire sandal is too much flexible than it would not be the perfect and comfortable footwear choice.

Check for Cushioning: everyone uses sandal almost all of the time, so it is really necessary to make sure that the feet is not getting any extra pressure or harshness. Therefore, good quality and good amount of cushioning is always preferred. There are countless types of sandals out there with different qualities and various company names – and only one or few could be the perfect choice for you. We think that if you follow the provided tips, then you would have no problem in your chosen sandal and it would be really comfortable and matched up with you.