In recent years Coachella has become one of the most popular outdoor music festivals of the world where people from all over the world travel to the USA solely to attend this event. Therefore if you are thinking about attending this event this year you must be over the moon and you may have even started to conduct research on how to prepare for Coachella because Coachella is an entirely different world and would require a set of guidelines and tips in order to survive this outdoor festival. Thus, to assist these novice Coachella goers we have managed to compile a list of helpful tips and guidelines that would help an individual to not only survive this festival but to thrive during this weekend.

Research the Weather
Many individuals are under the misconception that deserts are an extremely hot environment and while this may be true during the daytime many individuals do not know that it gets freezing cold at night. Therefore although you can pack your it is also advisable for one to carry a sweater with them to wear at night or after the event when you are waiting for your ride to go back to your hotel.

Dress Comfortably
It is true that Coachella is the place where every individual lets they trendy and fashionable side come out because pretty much anything goes at these events. But one should also keep in mind that one would be forced to be on their feet for pretty much the entirety of the event. Therefore although fashionable clothing and that heavy fashion jewellery online Australia you packed may have seemed like a good idea at that time after staying on your feet for 13 hours or so you may begin to wish for something more sensible. Therefore one should also keep comfort in mind when packing and they should never wear brand new shoes for this event because that would only lead to countless blisters and an unimaginable amount of pain.

Many first time Coachella goers become overwhelmed with the event and forget to drink water which is never a good idea because you would be spending a majority of your time under a relentless sun and when you mix that with alcohol and dancing the end result would not be something pretty. Therefore it is advisable for one to drink at least one bottle of water every two hours. We understand that going to Coachella may be an exciting prospect but one should not let these emotions overwhelm them and should prepare for this event accordingly in order to truly enjoy

As you would know, watches are one of the most functional and thoughtful presents – regardless of gender. The norm is usually in favour of buying watches for male partners, but there is no reason as to why a woman would be displeased with a good, quality watch bought with consideration. Not to add, since watches are an everyday staple, they are a wonderful way to make your partner think of you throughout the day. Accordingly, if the birthday of your partner, or any other festive occasion is fast approaching, why not consider buying her a watch? Below are the main types of styles you can consider:

  • Smartwatches – you might think that you could never find a good smartwatch amidst the many cheap watches online, but think again. In fact, nowadays, you can find quality smartwatches for as little as fifty bucks (or even less). Smartwatches are catching on with their sleek, futuristic design, as well as their increased functionality in the fact that they can keep track of messages, make phone calls, etc. If your girlfriend or wife is the type who has her phone in her clutch or handbag, a smartwatch can be a thoughtful present: she can attend to calls or messages without having to take out her phone every single time.
  • Rose gold watches – another very popular variety of cheap ladies’ watches online is no doubt the rose gold variety of watches. With both smartphones and jewellery jumping on the rose gold bandwagon, the colour has gained popularity as a feminine twist on the regular and now old-fashioned plain gold colour. Whether it is the real deal or plated, a rose gold watch can be worn with just about any fashion style, making a very versatile inclusion to a woman’s closet.
  • Boyfriend watches – nothing speaks about confidence and fashion statements like a good boyfriend watch! If your partner is the type to be bold about her choices, a boyfriend watch is the way to go. They are designed to resemble the typical men’s watch: oversized, with large dials and intricate bands.
  • Skeleton watches – another type of watch that is getting on the trends is the skeleton type of watches. As the name suggests, they basically reveal the clockwork mechanisms often hidden within the watch through the use of transparent dials and the like. “It is the inside that counts” is the very romantic message that these watches carry, making them an ideal gift choice.
  • Floral watches – or otherwise, if your partner is very feminine, you can of course resort to the floral trend of these years. Watches with both floral, feminine straps and flower-printed dials are a good gift for women who love flowers; bonus points if you manage to find a watch with her favourite flower on the dial! 

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People constantly want to be known for something or the other. Be it a expertise, their occupation or how they pull of each and every piece of clothing that they wear, it gives people a lot of pride to know that other individuals look up to what they do and they can actually be a style icon. Someone that other people look up to and try to imitate in some form or the other. This what people all over the world are aiming for? That sensation of being spoken about how you did it, or what you had been wearing always makes you feel good about yourself. So what’s the secret behind being able to achieve all of this? How do you get people to notice you?  

Reflect who you are

What you do and wear should always be a reflection of you inner self. Being true to yourself is one rule that you should never forget. Because everybody else is taken and you are yourself. You are unique because there is no one else like you in this world. And if that inner self and uniqueness is reflected in what you wear from your clothes to your great women wedges for hire then it will definitely be noticed. It will surely make some heads turn in your direction. Because for people it will be something different. Something that they are seeing for the first time. That’s is why it’s important to remember what your personality is and stay true to it all the time. Because if you are just going to try and imitate someone else then it’s going to come back to haunt you because you will not be successful in carrying of the look with complete confidence.

Keep your lifestyle in mind

Make sure you make something your signature style because you feel comfortable in it. Not because you wore a pair of womens party shoe hire Sydney for one evening and everybody wants to see you in those types of footwear and clothing day in day out. Make sure you consider your lifestyle very closely and you signature outfit or style should be something that you will be seen wearing frequently and not one in a while. Because if you wear something often enough there is no way that people are going to miss it. It’s definitely going to get noticed. Being comfortable in whatever look you choose is the most important thing, because only if you are comfortable with what you wearing can you look confident in it and confidence goes a long way in completing the look.

Nowadays, people are very much addicted to online shopping. The one and only reason is such addiction is nothing, but huge facilities. Facilities, like shopping at your own time, the scope of seeing lots of items without visiting several stores and saving time, are the clear winners to attract buyers. So if you are eager to buy an opal via online shopping sites then trust me, you are just doing the right thing. But as it is an online shopping store, before placing the order you need to be a little more careful. Here are some tips to buy opal online. 

There are verities of opals available in several parts of the world. However, among them Australia is number one in producing opals. It has been proved in studies that almost 95% of opals are produced by the regions of Australia and sold by trusted manufacturing jewellers. But before searching opals online, know properly about different types of opals. Some common types of opals are white opal, crystal opal, boulder opal, black opal and many more. Among them black opal is very expensive and is also rare. So, if you have a high budget and want to buy the rarest one then grab the opportunity and order it. Know what differences among triplets, doublets and solid opals.

When you search opal engagement rings Adelaide or wedding jewelry online, there you may be given options whether you would like to see doublet or triplet or solid opals. Now, the result will filter according to your desire and choice. Never forget to judge the opals on the basis of bright charming colours. However, doublet and triplet opals are comparatively low in price and they are not as durable as solid ones.Before placing the order you can request to that online shopping store to send a picture of an opal on a hand or a neutral image as a black background will enhance the colour. It has been noticed that Ethiopian opals look more charming and attractive while placed in front of a black background. With black opals ask for their body tone and brightness rating.

Don’t be attracted to the snaps given on a shopping site. Photographers usually take the snaps of opals when they are wet because wet opals look brighter than normal. After choosing an opal, make sure that they have given the actual colour of opal when it is dry.

Bohemian fashion is a famous fashion category that is followed by many young individuals. You may not know it, but you could be wearing a bohemian clothing article right now! Fashion experts have confirmed that putting together your bohemian ensemble is a little bit trick. You can wear each article in a few different ways but it all depends on what you have in your closet!

Ankle boots
Ankle boots are essential when you are putting together a bohemian outfit. Make sure that the ankle boots are of neutral colour so that it will match with almost any coloured or patterned clothing. The heels of the boots should be comfortable enough for you to walk around.

  • Skinny jeans, a loose knit sweater, a pair of neutral coloured boots and a scarf around your head is perfect for a casual outing.
  • You can pair up a skater skirt or dress with a pair of ankle boots to look fabulous and chic.
  • Fringed ankle boots look fabulous with statement accessories and a hi-low skirt to make a statement.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts should be a solid colour and does not make you look bloated waist down. You don’t need to purchase it from a bohemian clothing online store. Just grab it from any random clothing store.

  • Pair your simple maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt tied up in a knot with a pair of gladiator sandals.
  • Add a floppy sun hat to your maxi skirt and a V-neck plain t-shirt. 

Head crowns

Printed, embellishments and flowers are perfect for boho headbands.

  • Thin headbands with minimum embellishments are perfect for an everyday summer look. It would look like a halo if you wear it one or two inches past the hairline.
  • Bad hair day? Well, why not use a hairband to add a touch of glam to your bohemian look?


Maxi dresses consist of floral and dramatic patterns. Some boho dresses Australia have geometric and prints that have been inspired by nature itself.

  • Chunky jewellery, wedge sandals and a maxi dress will look perfect on a first date or a chilled night out with you girls.
  • Turn your dress into a skirt by adding a sweater and add a pair of ankle boots. 

Flared Jeans

High-waist flared jeans are perfect if you want to look taller. They make your legs look longer and in addition are super comfortable and affordable.

  • Shoes such as clogs, wedges and even ankle boots are made to look fantastic when paired up with flared jeans.
  • Put on that crocheted sweater and a vibrant pattern scarf along with the flared jeans and you are ready to go about your day.
    Add on some boho jewellery and fringe handbag of a size your choice and you ready to strut your bohemian look.