As you would know, watches are one of the most functional and thoughtful presents – regardless of gender. The norm is usually in favour of buying watches for male partners, but there is no reason as to why a woman would be displeased with a good, quality watch bought with consideration. Not to add, since watches are an everyday staple, they are a wonderful way to make your partner think of you throughout the day. Accordingly, if the birthday of your partner, or any other festive occasion is fast approaching, why not consider buying her a watch? Below are the main types of styles you can consider:

  • Smartwatches – you might think that you could never find a good smartwatch amidst the many cheap watches online, but think again. In fact, nowadays, you can find quality smartwatches for as little as fifty bucks (or even less). Smartwatches are catching on with their sleek, futuristic design, as well as their increased functionality in the fact that they can keep track of messages, make phone calls, etc. If your girlfriend or wife is the type who has her phone in her clutch or handbag, a smartwatch can be a thoughtful present: she can attend to calls or messages without having to take out her phone every single time.
  • Rose gold watches – another very popular variety of cheap ladies’ watches online is no doubt the rose gold variety of watches. With both smartphones and jewellery jumping on the rose gold bandwagon, the colour has gained popularity as a feminine twist on the regular and now old-fashioned plain gold colour. Whether it is the real deal or plated, a rose gold watch can be worn with just about any fashion style, making a very versatile inclusion to a woman’s closet.
  • Boyfriend watches – nothing speaks about confidence and fashion statements like a good boyfriend watch! If your partner is the type to be bold about her choices, a boyfriend watch is the way to go. They are designed to resemble the typical men’s watch: oversized, with large dials and intricate bands.
  • Skeleton watches – another type of watch that is getting on the trends is the skeleton type of watches. As the name suggests, they basically reveal the clockwork mechanisms often hidden within the watch through the use of transparent dials and the like. “It is the inside that counts” is the very romantic message that these watches carry, making them an ideal gift choice.
  • Floral watches – or otherwise, if your partner is very feminine, you can of course resort to the floral trend of these years. Watches with both floral, feminine straps and flower-printed dials are a good gift for women who love flowers; bonus points if you manage to find a watch with her favourite flower on the dial! 

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