Changing up your style or upgrading your wardrobe is something to consider if you feel that you are stuck in a style rut. Whether you are trying out a new look for the summer or getting tired of a regular look, try to consider colours and clothing options that are slightly out of your comfort zone. Reinventing your style can also include trying new makeup looks or getting a new haircut to match your upgraded wardrobe – so be open to trying new things.

Look At Your Style Icons

Who are your favourite celebrities? Do you follow any fashion bloggers? Get some ideas by checking out pictures on Instagram or by referring to fashion websites. But there is no need to outright copy someone else’s styles to look good. Use these resources to get some good ideas on how to pair clothing by CocoBEAM, accessories, and shoes and even find the right makeup looks too. It’s even better if you refer to style icons who have similar features to your own, to get a better ideas of what could work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

To update your look, you will definitely need to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things. Try to select items that will compliment your features or even interesting accessories to revamp your appearance. Use the opportunity of any events or parties to try out different looks or accessories as well. For example, try out styles of long formal dresses that you normally would not consider trying on –or even something that’s close to your own style with a unique pair of shoes.

Wear Clothes That Fit Right

Whether you are trying out new women’s jumpsuits or shirts, make sure you know what your sizes are. Most people still end up wearing items that are too large or small for them and end up feeling uncomfortable in their new clothes. Wearing clothes that don’t fit right can also end up highlighting features that you don’t like or create issues that were not there in the first place.

Use Colours To Express Your Personality

Updating a regular look is the best way to make your style more unique and discover how different colours or patterns will look on you. Go through your wardrobe and find out what are the most common colours you own. If you are happy with certain shades that look good on you, stick to a similar colour palette that appeals to you. Change things up by selecting shades that compliment your eye or hair colour too.