In recent years Coachella has become one of the most popular outdoor music festivals of the world where people from all over the world travel to the USA solely to attend this event. Therefore if you are thinking about attending this event this year you must be over the moon and you may have even started to conduct research on how to prepare for Coachella because Coachella is an entirely different world and would require a set of guidelines and tips in order to survive this outdoor festival. Thus, to assist these novice Coachella goers we have managed to compile a list of helpful tips and guidelines that would help an individual to not only survive this festival but to thrive during this weekend.

Research the Weather
Many individuals are under the misconception that deserts are an extremely hot environment and while this may be true during the daytime many individuals do not know that it gets freezing cold at night. Therefore although you can pack your it is also advisable for one to carry a sweater with them to wear at night or after the event when you are waiting for your ride to go back to your hotel.

Dress Comfortably
It is true that Coachella is the place where every individual lets they trendy and fashionable side come out because pretty much anything goes at these events. But one should also keep in mind that one would be forced to be on their feet for pretty much the entirety of the event. Therefore although fashionable clothing and that heavy fashion jewellery online Australia you packed may have seemed like a good idea at that time after staying on your feet for 13 hours or so you may begin to wish for something more sensible. Therefore one should also keep comfort in mind when packing and they should never wear brand new shoes for this event because that would only lead to countless blisters and an unimaginable amount of pain.

Many first time Coachella goers become overwhelmed with the event and forget to drink water which is never a good idea because you would be spending a majority of your time under a relentless sun and when you mix that with alcohol and dancing the end result would not be something pretty. Therefore it is advisable for one to drink at least one bottle of water every two hours. We understand that going to Coachella may be an exciting prospect but one should not let these emotions overwhelm them and should prepare for this event accordingly in order to truly enjoy