We live in a fast paced world where people are so busy that they rarely give their bodies time to heal from illness and they have no leave from work to give their bodies rest in case of an illness and therefore, the first reaction that most modern people have when they have even the slightest sign of illness is to run to a western medication practicing doctor or to a pharmacy to get themselves a pack of pills which are usually antibiotics to heal themselves as fast as possible. These antibiotics no doubt work in healing the illness at hand within a matter of hours and at most a day when in fact the natural cycle of the illness would normally have been anything from three days to a week. However, while the antibiotics are healing the minor illness or symptoms that you have had in order to get you ready for work or for school the next day.

Looking at alternative therapy

Many medical professionals often frown upon or look down on alternative therapy such as using healing bracelets to heal oneself and using practices such as Ayurveda therapy however, many people will swear by these treatments for many ailments. Traditional medication using herbs and everyday food has been known for many years and it has kept the human species alive before western medication was even discovered. The difference between the two is that western medicine is designed to give temporary and fast relief but in doing this, it destroys your immune system slowly.

On the other hand, traditional medication only makes your immune system stronger and prevents you from getting other diseases because your body itself fights off the disease.You will lose nothing by having a healing crystal with you and even if you are skeptic about its ability to heal, you can be sure that you will not lose anything. On the other hand, pumping your body with continuous antibiotics means that you are definitely losing out on something because you are weakening your immune system. Most short term illnesses are meant to make your immune system stronger every time you fight the disease off and therefore, when you pack your body with antibiotics that overtake your immune system and fight off the disease on behalf of your immune system, your immune system tends to get weaker with time because it has not been used or exercised. The immune system is akin to a muscle in the body that becomes stronger when it is worked out.