When it comes to your big day, not only you should be looking good but you want to make sure that your brides maids will also look as good. You want to create a pretty picture perfect wedding and should take every effort to make it possible. When it comes to your bridesmaids, there are some key things that you should look into. This way you will be able to make sure that they are looking just the way you want them to look and will also stand out on their own way and look their best. To make sure that the pictures also look good it is best to have them blend in well together.

Invest in their heights

If you are a tall bride and have maids of all sorts of heights, there is not a lot you can do. But it is possible for you to invest in some good quality evening shoes that have good height on them. This way not only will all the girls look taller and prettier for the pictures but will also feel confidant. Make sure that they are comfortable and also invest in something that they can still use after. Going for something that is not going to be used by the girls later will only be a waste of money.

Compliment your look

When it comes to their dresses, you want it to be something that will either match your bouquet or your dye wedding shoes. This is a more interesting approach to making them match you. Instead of them all wearing a colour that is tied up to an accent piece of your dress make it interesting by matching them to an accessory of yours. You will also be able to have fun photo sessions when you have such ideas. Looking back you are sure to have a good laugh and a good story to share.

Do not make every girl a photocopy of the other

Although this used to be a huge trend, it is now a better idea to allow each girl to look their best in what compliments them. Everyone has different body shapes and sizes. Trying to get them all to wear a fixed design will mean that you are going to either have to leave a close friend because they won’t look as pretty or feel as comfortable in such an outfit or you will make them feel uncomfortable and unhappy for the whole day. So look for designs that are similar yet unique to each girl. They should be comfortable and feel confident in what they wear.