Bohemian fashion is a famous fashion category that is followed by many young individuals. You may not know it, but you could be wearing a bohemian clothing article right now! Fashion experts have confirmed that putting together your bohemian ensemble is a little bit trick. You can wear each article in a few different ways but it all depends on what you have in your closet!

Ankle boots
Ankle boots are essential when you are putting together a bohemian outfit. Make sure that the ankle boots are of neutral colour so that it will match with almost any coloured or patterned clothing. The heels of the boots should be comfortable enough for you to walk around.

  • Skinny jeans, a loose knit sweater, a pair of neutral coloured boots and a scarf around your head is perfect for a casual outing.
  • You can pair up a skater skirt or dress with a pair of ankle boots to look fabulous and chic.
  • Fringed ankle boots look fabulous with statement accessories and a hi-low skirt to make a statement.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts should be a solid colour and does not make you look bloated waist down. You don’t need to purchase it from a bohemian clothing online store. Just grab it from any random clothing store.

  • Pair your simple maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt tied up in a knot with a pair of gladiator sandals.
  • Add a floppy sun hat to your maxi skirt and a V-neck plain t-shirt. 

Head crowns

Printed, embellishments and flowers are perfect for boho headbands.

  • Thin headbands with minimum embellishments are perfect for an everyday summer look. It would look like a halo if you wear it one or two inches past the hairline.
  • Bad hair day? Well, why not use a hairband to add a touch of glam to your bohemian look?


Maxi dresses consist of floral and dramatic patterns. Some boho dresses Australia have geometric and prints that have been inspired by nature itself.

  • Chunky jewellery, wedge sandals and a maxi dress will look perfect on a first date or a chilled night out with you girls.
  • Turn your dress into a skirt by adding a sweater and add a pair of ankle boots. 

Flared Jeans

High-waist flared jeans are perfect if you want to look taller. They make your legs look longer and in addition are super comfortable and affordable.

  • Shoes such as clogs, wedges and even ankle boots are made to look fantastic when paired up with flared jeans.
  • Put on that crocheted sweater and a vibrant pattern scarf along with the flared jeans and you are ready to go about your day.
    Add on some boho jewellery and fringe handbag of a size your choice and you ready to strut your bohemian look.